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Check out check-in/check-out — new on ShareFile!

A challenge in today’s work environment is quickly and securely managing collaboration on electronic documents and files. Without the right tools and policies, billable work and time can be wasted. With the new release of check-in/check-out, Citrix ShareFile makes it even more efficient for businesses, partners and clients to work on common files.

Using ShareFile as their cloud storage repository, contributors can now indicate to other collaborators when a document is checked out for editing. At the same time, administrators not only know when and who is working on a document, but can override checkouts as needed and ultimately remain in control of their files.

This new feature addresses many common problems you hear at work, such as:

What I personally love about this new feature is how easy it is to implement and use. Here’s what I mean.

If there’s a document in a shared folder that I need to edit — let’s say a spreadsheet with our team goals — I just hit the dropdown menu and click Check Out. This gives me dibs to the file for 24 hours. All my colleagues with notifications turned on for this folder will receive an email alert.

If my colleague tries to grab the file to update her goals — or open it if she is using ShareFile Sync — she will be alerted about the document’s status. If she still wants to open, download or send the file, she can do so, but uploading or checking the file back in will be prevented until I’m finished or my 24-hour window passes, whichever occurs first.

When my edits are done, I can upload the file again, automatically checking the file back in and creating a new revision. This means the old versions are always archived. Or I can click Check In and upload the file that way. Administrators are notified of all checkouts and check-ins as they occur and can override them by clicking “Discard Checkout” if needed.

That’s it. It’s super simple to use, and it’s included as a free service with qualifying ShareFile small business plans and Enterprise. Check out this video overview.

For existing customers on qualified small and medium business vertical plans, please have the Admin of your account call Support at (800) 441-3453 to activate the check-in/check-out feature.