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Building the new Citrix ShareFile Office in Raleigh, NC

Written by on July 30, 2013 in News - 6 Comments

As you have probably heard,  Citrix is building an office location in Raleigh, NC. We’ve captured the progress of the construction thus far. Check out the videos below.

Q1 2013 time lapse photography of the construction of Citrix’s Raleigh office at 216 South West Street- Raleigh, NC.

Q2 2013 time lapse photography of the construction of Citrix’s Raleigh office at 216 South West Street- Raleigh, NC.

Stay tuned for more updates on the ShareFile YouTube page.

About the Author

Jennifer Smith (@jen_smith1) is a customer reference manager at Citrix, where she previously served as social media marketing and community manager. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Jennifer majored in business administration. She joined the ShareFile team in 2010 and is a board member of the company’s community service organization, SHARE.

  • Joe Nash

    Hi…glad to see more business moving into Downtown Raleigh. I’ve lived here for 6 years and it keeps getting better.

    I have a great loft in the Hudson building on Fayetteville St. which has been rented to a couple of NC State PhD candidates for years, and they just moved on, so the place is available again. I’d love to have another professional in there, and it’s so convenience to your new HQ. Please spread the word if you know anyone looking for a place… thanks, joe

  • Susan Parry

    LOVE the new building. (LOVE that you’re here!) You’ve done a gorgeous job on it!! I’m flabbergasted that you’ve decided to completely hide it behind that massive, prefab parking deck. What a tragedy: taller than the building itself. Blocks the whole view. The architect must be devastated. Such a shame for Raleigh. You should have gone underground? There had to be a better way…

  • Chrystal Carter

    How soon will applicates be informed about interviews?

    • https://www.ShareFile.com ShareFile

      Chrystal, thanks for inquiring. The time frame really varies depending on the
      role. We are hiring in a variety of positions, and each has a different
      turnaround time in terms of how quickly the roles are filled. We try to
      move as quickly as is appropriate for each role to effectively get the best
      person into the job. If you are waiting for a response, it may be a good
      idea to follow up with the recruiter on the status of your application. Hope this

      • Chrystal Carter

        Thank you so much for the response. I have been trying to locate a human resource representative to inquire about the status of my applications, but I can’t seem to locate a representative. Do you know of a representative that I may be able to speak with?

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