Building Better Team Events: an Interview with ShareFile’s Alex Hofford

Alex Hofford stays busy. He’s a ShareFile account manager, improv comedian, bar trivia host and our Quarterly Theme Ambassador. What does the ShareFile Quarterly Theme Ambassador do? Read below to hear from Alex himself.

Sarah: How do you define your role as Quarterly Theme Ambassador, and how did you get involved with it?

Alex: I coordinate ShareFile communications and events to promote our company quarterly theme, which is chosen by our executive team each quarter. The quarterly theme gives us all a common direction and inspiration for the quarter. To support the themes, I plan surprises, events and general messaging to get everyone excited about our current focus.

When it was announced that a new role within the company was opening up for this purpose, I immediately knew that it was something I wanted to try. It’s great to have a productive outlet for sharing creativity and humor with the rest of the team.

Sarah: How do you come up with good programs that support the quarterly theme?

Alex:  I think that there are two parts to planning a good event or activity: making it fun while keeping it relevant. It’s easy to just take everyone out for a bar night or buy lunch and call it team building. But if we have an event that actually ties into the theme, that can get everyone talking about it. We also plan things like contests where ShareFile employees who embrace the theme in their work win recognition, so we try to come up with a number of different ways to keep employees involved each quarter.

I always try to keep things entertaining so that everyone wants to participate. It’s not too difficult to make time for event planning or recruit coworkers as volunteers because I’m genuinely excited about organizing fun events for everyone, and I think that enthusiasm is the best thing that you can bring to a job like this. It’s much easier to get good participation and feedback when the events are things you really want to attend yourself.

Sarah: Is there anything new that we should know about?

Alex: Without giving away any surprises, I am working on planning more events that prepare us for our upcoming move to a new Citrix building downtown. I want to provide opportunities for some of my coworkers who don’t live in downtown Raleigh to explore the area. Since Citrix is becoming a big part of the tech scene in this area, I also think it’s great to build connections with other groups. We hosted a wine and chocolate tasting event with SAS for the first time last quarter, and I hope that we can have more parties like that where our employees get to mingle with people from other companies in the industry.

Thanks for helping to make ShareFile a great place to work, Alex!