Love it or lose it: 4 reasons to back up your data

We all know how important data is to our lives and our businesses. Yet many of us aren’t that great at backing it up regularly, if at all. With everything that has to get done in a day, it’s easy to toss data backup on the backburner or save it as a rainy-day activity.

World Backup Day is coming up March 31, and it’s a great reminder of just how important it is to set aside some time to back up our data.

It’s time to stop telling ourselves, “I have a secure system in place. What could possibly happen?” Because, as it turns out, a lot. Many of the reasons for data loss are things we can’t always control. Here are a few reasons why your data isn’t as secure as you think.

  1. People make mistakes

We’re only human, right? We lose things, forget things, accidentally share things we shouldn’t. According to, 29 percent of disasters are caused by accident.

As a small- or medium-business owner, you can’t always predict or prevent employees from making mistakes, like erasing data from a device, losing their phone, or getting a virus on their laptop. But you can control your data. Storing data in the cloud where it’s easy to keep it automatically backed up can save you time, money, and stress the next time someone makes a mistake.

  1. Thieves love data

Hackers aren’t breaching your systems for the hardware. They’re after something way more valuable—your data. While you can’t always prevent an attack, you can make sure hackers don’t get their hands on your data.

Cloud file-storage solutions can retain multiple versions of each file. So in the event a file is encrypted by ransomware, for example, you can revert to the most recent, uncompromised version, eliminating the need for a hacker’s decryption key.

  1. Hardware is vulnerable

Every minute, 113 phones are stolen, according to That’s 162,720 a day! And 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month. Making it even more frightening for a business owner is that 30 percent of people have never backed up their data. In any of these scenarios, your data is likely unrecoverable and compromised, which can have damaging effects on your business.

  1. Mother Nature is unpredictable

Although probably not the most common cause of data loss, you still can’t rule out Mother Nature. Natural disasters have the potential to destroy your brick-and-mortar offices and infrastructure—and any data that resides there. Even more of a reason to keep your data safe in the cloud.

The good news is backing up your data is easy. Secure cloud storage with instant syncing makes it easy to keep your data backed up with minimal effort. It also has the additional benefits of a better user experience and increased collaboration for your employees, plus tighter security for your business.

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About the Author

Kyara Lomer-Camarena is a brand language manager and editor at Citrix, where she helps marketers and technical experts speak in our customers’ language and express our verbal identity.