Analyze this: An interview with ShareFile’s analysis guru

A data analyst can help you understand your customers and tailor your services to meet their needs. That’s just what Geoff Lewis does at Citrix ShareFile. Geoff’s been with ShareFile for nearly three years, which makes him a bit of a veteran. His team supports the ShareFile core value of being data driven by maintaining ShareFile’s data. I recently sat down with him to discuss how his job affects our customers.

Q: How does your job affect our customers?

A: Part of my job is to understand usage patterns and areas where customers can get more out of ShareFile. We’ve made some great efforts to really understand who our customers are, using data to figure out the best way to cater the product to them.

We often evaluate the way we support our users, whether it should be the same for everyone or different based on various types of users and interest areas. This analysis influences the information we present to our users as well as the way we reach out to them and tools that we develop for them.

I don’t get to sit down and have conversations with customers, so providing data analysis is probably the biggest way that someone like me gets to help our customers.

Q: What about your job do you enjoy the most?

A: My job has a lot to do with solving problems, which means I always have something to do. People ask if I get bored looking at data all day, but I like the changing aspect of it and there are many interesting challenges to think about and try to solve.