Raising the Bar: Adding further solutions

Michael Fox, owner of Financial Planning Work$ Inc., has been a ShareFile customer since 2012. His purchase was initially inspired by ShareFile’s reputation of being highly secure, and in practice he also found the cloud product easy to use. Launching only involved a short memo en masse to the 90 clients who would begin using ShareFile with him. In Michael’s words, “You gotta make it easy. If it’s not easy, it will never work and your client won’t use it.”

While knowing how well ShareFile works for him, Michael always looks to improve his other processes. After a few years of sending documents through ShareFile to have clients print, sign, and re-upload, he tried using e-signatures. “It was not a good experience. Technical support was not there,” he says. “What was there was a high number of incomplete documents and no way to remedy the situation.” He knew it was time to find something more secure and easier to use for electronic signature. Thanks to his great experience with ShareFile, he found RightSignature.

I made a decision to stop doing business with any firm that does not accept e-signatures. The American Bar Association specifically accepts Right Signature and e-signatures. What compliance department in the FINRA and SEC world could successfully argue against e-signature as not being binding or legal? Simply put, go ‘E ‘or go home!

Michael purchased RightSignature last month. After working with our Customer Success team for ShareFile, he felt confident in our help. Our Customer Success Manager, Matt Boyd, walked Michael through the basics of creating and sending out documents for signature. Matt took time with Michael to dive further into using signer sequencing with RightSignature to easily send a document to more than one person at a time.

At day’s end, it is about how one feels about a decision, like Alexander Haig’s infamous remark. He stormed the White House upon learning of the assassination attempt of President Regan and said, “I’m in charge!” The world rested knowing a strong person was in charge. Well, I am in charge here. I am not beholden to another firm’s tech support only available 9-5 M-F. In a bi-coastal business environment, that is significant because it is a deal breaker.

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