Seven books you should add to your summer reading list

If you’re like most people, you probably set a goal this year to read more books that will help you grow professionally. We may be more than halfway through the year, but don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to knock out a few good — and professionally invigorating — summer reads.

We asked some ShareFile team members to give their suggestions for a business book that influenced them personally, and I think we put together a pretty awesome list. So whether your summer takes you on an airplane to someplace cooler, to a beach with sand at your toes, or just in a staycation, take a look at and maybe even open one of our seven top must reads.

1. “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”– A manual for performing better in both your personal and professional life, “7 Habits” is a book we suggest reading with a stack of sticky notes handy. Not only will this book help you be more effective in life, it can change your whole perception and interpretation of how the world works. (Recommended by Kelly Herron, marketing specialist)

 2. “The Power of Full Engagement” – It’s a common problem: There never seem to be enough hours in the day. This book will teach you to stop spending your life worried about time management and learn how to invest your energy properly for true effectiveness. (Recommended by Nicole Collins, sales training development manager)

3. “Lean UX” – Inspired by Lean and Agile development theories, “Lean UX” focuses on the actual experience being designed and gives tips on how to collaborate closely with other teams in your organization. Learn how to experiment with design ideas and test them with real users. (Recommended by David Purvis, UI/UX designer)

4. “Crucial Conversations” – Need to have a high-stakes conversation but not sure how to approach it? This book’s for you. It starts out by assessing your own personal strengths and weaknesses and then coaches you how to orchestrate nearly any conversation — even the difficult ones. (Chelsea Hill, marketing coordinator)

5. “The Business of Happiness” – Does success make you happy? I think most people would say yes. But this book challenges that idea and suggests that it’s almost always happiness that makes you more successful. The authors six secrets for achieving true happiness are a can’t miss. (Recommended by Rebecca West, project manager)

6. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”  – Being a “yes” person can help get projects finished at the last minute, but it can also lead to burn out. This book explains the psychology of why people say “yes” and the universal principles to become a skilled persuader. But warning: you’ll also need to learn to defend yourself against them. (Al Scillitani, Sr. web marketing and optimization manager)

7.  “Getting Things Done” — If you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks and can’t seem to get them all done, Author David Allen offers a framework for clearing your mind and organizing your thoughts to get things done. You’ll learn the “4 Ds” for achieving effective productivity: do it, delegate it, defer it or drop it. (My personal recommendation)

What are your favorite business books? Share your recommendations with us on Twitter @ShareFile.