7 Ways to Send Large Files with ShareFile

Did you know that there are many ways that ShareFile can help you send files? Here are seven different methods for sending you may not have tried yet.

1) Send a File

When you need to send a large file fast, log into ShareFile online and use the Send a File link in the top navigation bar. This link will open a Send form, which works just like sending a regular email. Set up your email, upload a file, and ShareFile will send the recipient a link to download the file online.

2) Convert attachments to ShareFile links

When you need to send a file in Outlook that’s too large or too sensitive to attach normally, use the ShareFile plug-in to easily change the attachments to a secure ShareFile link. The Convert to ShareFile button makes it easy to change normal email attachments to secure ShareFile links.

3) Send from your preferred mobile app

ShareFile mobile apps are available for iPad, iPhone, Android phone and tablet, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. With so many apps to choose from, you can use ShareFile’s secure sending from any device.

4) Right-click to send

With the ShareFile Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, you have the option to right-click and send any file via a secure ShareFile link. Just locate the file that you want to send on your desktop or in Windows Explorer, right-click the file and hover over Send to in the menu that will open. Click Mail Recipient with ShareFile, and a new message will open immediately with a link to the file you selected.

5) Send a ShareFile link in your own email software

When you use the Send a File link or the Send option in a folder, you can change the Email Sending Options setting to Give me link I can copy and send using my own email software. This option collapses the Send form, so you can just use the check boxes on the screen to determine how the link will work. Instead of sending an email, ShareFile will simply provide a link to your file that you can copy into a message in your normal email program.

6) Send from the Widget

The ShareFile Desktop Widget features built-in send capabilities. Open the Widget and use the Send option at the top of the screen, or right-click a file and click Send File. A Send form will open so that you can compose a message and send a link to your file, without even opening your email program.

7) Set Outlook preferences to always send large files via ShareFile

With the ShareFile Plug-in for Outlook, you can enable ShareFile to replace any attachments over a given size limit with ShareFile links, or choose to send all of your attachments through ShareFile. Click the Plug-in Options button in your Outlook Inbox toolbar and then click the Attachment Policy option to view and change your automatic attachment settings.

Happy sending!

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