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7 Office productivity hacks to get your business in shape

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As a business owner, do you feel like your business’s processes are more complicated than they need to be? Here are seven office productivity hacks to improve your business efficiency:

Start by setting trackable goals

Does your business run on a quarterly basis or bi-annual? Start by determining time frames that are best suited for the type of business you run.

Break it down into two different types of goals:

Put the spotlight on your customers and clients

When you are providing a service to your customers, there is no such thing as too much communication. Building strategic touchpoints into the process will eliminate miscommunication, delays and potential challenges.

Do you use a workflow tool?

Consider implementing a workflow tool that will allow you to work parallel to a calendar, while breaking out deadlines, tasks and meetings.

You can make a timeline to lay out the start of a project -all the way to the final result- making it easier for you and your clients to be on the same page.

Ask for feedback

Follow up with your customers after every touch point to learn and improve processes going forward.

Provide protection for your employees

Data breaches are no joke; especially, when you’re handling confidential client information that’s been entrusted to you. Put your employees at ease with secure access to all of your company’s data- documents, files, passwords, etc.Employ a secure file-sharing service to cover the above basis for a one-stop shop for data protection.

Stop, Drop, Collaborate and…?

Any type of job requires employees, clients and customers to collaborate to meet goals; but it’s not always easy. Find creative ways to collaborate with your team as well as your clients.

Be on the lookout for apps that help streamline project management, secure chat apps and even file-sharing apps; so, you can collaborate on the go!

Keep your team up to speed

You spent time, money and effort to assemble the best possible talent for your company. Look for ways to offer resources and training to motivate your team and help them meet their own growth goals.

Equip your team for mobility

More and more companies are offering remote work options. Equip your team with the resources they need to encourage mobility.


At some point, your business demands might outgrow your current bandwidth. Outsource important business needs; for instance,outsource the technology side of your company to a dedicated group of IT professionals.

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