5 Ways to digitally spring clean

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It has been a long winter. There were many days when I was thankful for Citrix technology, working from my kitchen table with several inches of snow outside. The blistering cold often left me uninspired and I found myself yearning for the growth that comes with spring – new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a zest for organization.

Spring finally peeks through the trees, light green with new leaves and promise of longer days. (OPTION: The arrival of spring brings fresh green trees and promises of longer days.) I spend evenings wrapping up work on the back porch and weekends as a power-washing warrior with tan lines to prove it. While I slough off the dirt and grime of the winter, planting fresh flowers and organizing the garage, I spend the time thinking of how to re-organize the half of my life spent behind a screen. Spring cleaning can’t (and shouldn’t!) only be contained to the home. Here’s how you can spring clean your digital spaces too:

Change passwords

Changing passwords regularly is essential to maintaining security. Complexity, length, and variety are best practices to consider when selecting a new password according to computerweekly.com. Including a number is a great idea, as long as it’s not your birthday!

Organize your cloud file storage

I’m a huge fan of folder structure and naming conventions. I even wrote an entire blog post with the specifics on how to do it! Select a file naming system that works for both you and your employees. Be sure to socialize and govern the system so that files are easy to locate.

Migrate files to limit data sprawl

How many places are your files stored? Are they all in the cloud or are files also scattered across company laptops and mobile devices? It is difficult to find files when they are everywhere! Take the time to gather all files, run an inventory of what is needed, then upload the files to one source of “file storage truth.” We make it easy with ShareFile connectors and Sync.

Audit and simplify your apps

While you’re auditing your files, also gauge the need for your apps. Do you have any apps that run double duty? Is there an app out there that can do the heavy lifting of three apps? Taking inventory of the tools available to you immediately and in the market is helpful for streamlining process and finances. This is also a great time to make sure your apps are up-to-date on the latest version.

Reduce access and permissions

Dig into the permissions and access within your folders, apps, and accounts. Are there ex-employees that you forgot to remove? Does everyone in the office really need admin access on that folder? Putting in place restrictions and governance protects you, your business, and your files.

These five quick actions will get your files in top shape for the spring and summer. What is the first thing you do to spring clean in the office? Let us know when you join the conversation on Facebook.

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Beth Anne Ballance joined the Citrix ShareFile team in 2015 as the Social Media Marketing Manager. A Raleigh native, she graduated from UNC-Greensboro as the Joseph M. Bryan Scholar and was named TIME’s 8th Sassiest Brand on Twitter.

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