Five ways ShareFile can help you be more productive

Today’s increasingly fast-paced business world demands simpler workflows and employees with more time to focus on the needs of the organization. That’s why Citrix ShareFile offers a robust set of features that allow companies to be more productive and enable teams to work from anywhere at any time.

I recently spoke with some of our Customer Success Managers to learn which features most help our customers stay productive in and out of the office. Here’s what they tell me are the five productivity-boosting features our customers love the most:

1. Simplify folder access management by creating groups.

Matt Allen’s customers really appreciate having the ability to create distribution groups. This feature offers an easy way to set folder-access permissions for multiple users at once, rather than setting folder permissions on a per-user basis. As Matt says, “This has the additional benefit of having a group that is easy to manage as employees are hired or leave the company without having to change a ton of folder memberships.”

2. Make it easy for clients to send you files securely.

“If I had to pick one (feature), I’d probably say putting the Request-a-File link in your email signature,” says Sarah Kunz. A Request-a-File link lets your clients upload data into your ShareFile account, and it is even more accessible for them when it is a part of your email signature. Sarah’s customers have told her that this feature makes it easy for their clients to send data securely, and it is more productive for the clients because they no longer need to physically deliver their files.

3. Grant public access to folders.

Folder invitations let folder administrators create a publicly accessible link that grants permission to a folder without first requiring the users to have folder access. This feature is a “huge time-saving tool,” Andrew Liebelt says, for construction-bidding projects or any task that needs to share data publicly.

4. Add multiple clients at the same time.

Senior Customer Success Manager Kelley Allen’s customers value the ability to create users in bulk. With the “Manage Users” section of the accounts, employees can fill out a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template and add multiple users at the same time. Kelley says, “Many clients don’t want to manually type in their clients email addresses each time they are sending a file through the web application, so they will load all of their client email addresses in so they auto-populate.”

5. Access your data anytime and anywhere.

Employees are not always in the office when they need to work on company files. Virginia Moundous‘s customers enjoy using ShareFile’s mobile applications, which allow their employees to access company files stored on ShareFile, anywhere and anytime. Virginia continues, “One great feature about the mobile applications is the in-app editing functionality that lets you work from the road, and changes are saved automatically.”

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