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Professional Meets Personal: 5 tools to stay mobile

The line between work life and personal life is quite blurry. No offense to Dolly Parton (love her!), but working 9 to 5 is not the norm anymore. These days, we work from anywhere at any time! Whether I’m in the office, on my back patio, or in the airport terminal, I need to be productive in all facets of my life. Here are my favorite tools that help me do just that:

To get work done
QuickEdit is a must-have because it lets me edit any files anywhere. Since QuickEdit syncs with ShareFile, I can edit my monthly report and update a shared baby shower planning spreadsheet – all in one app.

To do errands without having to do errands
I use a few mobile apps that, combined, serve as my personal assistant. My favorite is my local grocery store app which allows me to shop online with the option of picking up my groceries at the store or having them delivered to my house. This app makes it possible for me to do my grocery shopping while waiting in baggage claim, allowing me to spend more time with family after a week away. If your local grocery store doesn’t have its own app, try out Instacart!

To take notes
I have courted many note-taking apps, and found my match with Google Keep. It’s the right fit for me because I can login easily on any device and share notes with friends and coworkers. My favorite part is the list feature. Is there anything better in life than checking items off your to-do list? (Answer: Nope!)

To chat
Slack is definitely my go-to messaging app for communicating with my coworkers about projects or random tasks and I love how I never miss an important message thanks to email notifications. But what I didn’t realize was that it’s also a great tool for personal use, too! Like for that baby shower I’m planning – my friends and I set up a Slack channel to use so we can discuss all of the details. Until discovering Slack, I had not found a messaging app that made it so easy to switch between my work team and personal team. This helps cut out the noise of constant group text messaging.

To stay informed
Part of my job on the marketing team is to have one ear to the ground on all things digital marketing. There are tons of tools out there when it comes to bookmarking, but my favorite is Pocket. Whether I’m on my phone or desktop, I can pull up one of the many how-to guides and references I’ve saved through pocket.

What are your favorite mobile apps to help you stay productive on the go?


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