Five things you didn’t know about Citrix ShareFile – enterprise edition

ShareFile Enterprise can work with existing network shares and SharePoint data

Enterprises have large volumes of data stored in existing data stores, and we know that moving this data over to a cloud location to enable mobile access may not be an easy task and could become very expensive. So we created the StorageZone Connectors feature, which allows users to access files on their company network drives and SharePoint from a ShareFile Mobile App. The users who have permissions for these files and folders also will be able to make edits and save files back to the original location— all from their mobile devices. When working on files located in SharePoint, users will also see check-out and check-in features in the mobile app.

ShareFile Enterprise has a built-in mobile editor.

Enterprise account holders can create, review and edit Microsoft Office files within the ShareFile Mobile App. Features include track changes, print, highlight, spell check and present in slideshow mode. We also have an in-app PDF annotator that allows users to easily leverage all editing and annotating capabilities. These features make it easy for an employee to create or edit files in the mobile app from any location. All editing features are supported in offline mode, so users can edit files from a plane or other remote location and sync them to all devices once they connect back to the Internet.

ShareFile Enterprise offers on-demand sync for virtual environments.

Our On-Demand Sync capability is optimized for the unique requirements of virtual desktops, including those powered by Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop. On-demand sync drastically cuts network load, bandwidth requirements and storage costs by downloading only files the user wants to view, edit, save or share.

ShareFile Enterprise is integrated with Citrix XenMobile.

ShareFile is now also available as a part of  Citrix XenMobile product line. XenMobile combines mobile device management, mobile app management and secure productivity apps all in one solution. Citrix also provides WorxMail for secure email and calendar access, WorxWeb for a secure Internet and intranet access, and ShareFile for secure enterprise file synchronization and sharing. The WorxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile integration delivers an excellent user experience with the management and control that IT requires.

Yep, ShareFile Enterprise works with Microsoft Outlook.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook is a favorite among our small business clients, and it now has been optimized for enterprise level accounts with IT-managed settings and SSO (single sign-on) login functionality. IT admins can configure the settings used for the plugin to ensure data security. Using the tool, IT also can set up other settings, login types and proxy configurations. Enterprise account holders can find instructions and additional information for the plugin in this article in our Knowledge Base.

Just like every other ShareFile account, our enterprise clients get a personal account manager to help set up the account and train staff. You can find your account manager’s contact information at the ‘Help’ link within your ShareFile account. And don’t forget that our support team is here for you 24/7 to help with whatever you need. Contact them at any time on our support page.

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  • Brent Halling

    When will the access to network shares be available on the PC?

    • allison

      Hi Brent, Thanks for the comment :o)

      Our engineers are currently working on implementing this feature but we do not currently have a timeline for this. Keep an eye on our blog posts, as we will be writing an article when this feature is available. Thanks!

  • Cass

    Lots of great features! I have to say, the one aspect of ShareFile I don’t like is that moving files is so unwieldy; even if I just have to move a document into an adjacent/parent folder within the same client, it is quite the hassle. Any plans to make file moving more intuitive?

    • allison

      Hey Cass,

      Thanks for the suggestion! I have passed this along to our product management team as I am not aware of any upcoming plans to change the move function. Would you like to see more of a ‘drag and drop’ feature when it comes to moving files/folders within the account?

      If you want to contact them directly with this (or any) suggestion, you can do so now from within your account! If you click on the ‘Help’ link in the upper right corner you will see the ‘Product Feedback’ tab on the right of the page. These messages reach the product management team directly.

      Let me know if I can help any further, and thanks for reading my post :o)

  • Stig

    The built-in editor is limited to iOS isn’t it? Is this is available on andoid ?

    • allison

      Hello Stig,

      Yes, currently the built in editor is only available for our iPhone and iPad apps. Our product management team is working on having this feature available for all Andriod devices in early 2014.

      Let us know if you have any further questions! Thank you!

  • Alexander Paral

    Any intention to bring Sharefile sync to Linux as well?

    • allison

      Hi Alexander.
      Thanks for reading my post. To answer your question, I am not aware of any plans to bring the ShareFile Sync tool to Linux environments. We are always taking suggestions and I would recommend suggesting this to our Product Management team from the ‘Product Feedback’ tab within your account’s help page.

  • Alan Brogdon

    A couple of things about your post:

    Sharefile does not work with Sharepoint online.
    The mobile editor is awesome.
    The on-demand virtual sync requires access to your c-drive and Citrix XenApp product support does not recommend storing any files on the c-drive in a Virtual environment due to the possibility of the C-drive filling up.
    You also can’t map a drive in a virtual environment without asking for a password every time you connect.
    Can’t wait to see the XenMobile integration and also love the Outlook integration.

    A couple of things we would like to see:

    1. Same time editing of a document thus eliminating the need for version control.
    2. The ability to map a drive in a virtual environment.
    3. Move the sync to a network drive versus the c-drive.
    4. Access the sharefile connectors from the desktop clients or the web.
    5. Improve your desktop clients to be more in-line with what drop box has from a feature set. Also, better support on your desktop client for the Mac.

    • allison

      Hi Alan, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment. I appreciate it so much!

      I know our team is currently working on a resolution for the issues using our connectors tool with SharePoint Online. Our engineers have reached out to to the product management team to discuss a road map for this feature.

      I also like all of your suggestions above and agree that these would be great features. If you haven’t already, I would put these in the ‘Product Feedback’ tab within your account to get these to our product management team directly.