5 More ShareFile Security Features You Don’t Know About

A little while ago on this blog we published a post called “Five ShareFile security features you likely don’t know about.” It’s a great read, highlighting five areas in which ShareFile customers can take advantage of the features already in your account to shore up security in ways you may not have considered. Today as part of #CyberSecurityMonth, we’re continuing the conversation with five more security features you might not know are part of ShareFile.

These five features require no activation or technical expertise. These are the parts of ShareFile that sit silently in the background, protecting your business every day.

1. Up to 256-bit AES encryption at rest

Encryption — the practice of scrambling your data with a code only you have access to — is a cornerstone of any online security suite. ShareFile automatically unscrambles your data when you log in with your account credentials, so you don’t ever need to worry storing and matching encryption keys. And in the unlikely event that an intruder gets unauthorized access to the data in your ShareFile account, it will be nearly impossible to decrypt.

2. SSL/TLS data encryption in transit

While encryption is widely understood as the first, best line of defense against security breaches, it’s shockingly underutilized. In fact, much of the data transferred across the internet, including most email, is sent without any encryption protection at all. ShareFile tackles encryption with a two-pronged approach– bank-level data protection on our servers for your data at rest and ironclad security protocols for data sent across the web.

3. State-of-the-art data centers

Storing your data in the cloud requires the utmost trust from your file sharing service — trust that the servers housing your data will be fully protected. We take that trust very seriously, which is why we seek out the most rigorous auditing and certification of our data storage. All files in your ShareFile account are stored in data centers which have been certified with SSAE 16 Type II compliance audits — the most rigorous standard available. As for the physical location of your servers, it’s protected against both theft and natural disaster with everything from fingerprint scanners to ballistic-proof exteriors.

4. Active malware scanning

Files uploaded to ShareFile are first scanned for known viruses, Trojans, and worms by our on-site security software. This first level of defense against malware helps protect you in several ways. First, you can be certain that your data is protected from malicious files that can be accidentally or purposely uploaded to your account. Additionally, you will be warned whenever you attempt to view or download a suspicious file stored in ShareFile, protecting you and your clients.

5. Secure User Access

If you ever forget your ShareFile password, our support team will be able to reset it for you, but we won’t be able to tell you what your current password is. That’s because it’s hashed — scrambled in such a way that it can’t be accessed by anyone, even ShareFile employees. Likewise, if you attempt to login to your ShareFile account with an incorrect password five times, your account will be frozen from further login attempts for the next five minutes. This protects you against automated attacks that try to randomly guess your password.

At ShareFile, we believe that security is an essential part of making your work day easier and better. The more we can incorporate features like these into your everyday practice of file sharing, the less you have to worry about security.

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