5 Favorite Apps Used by Clients

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With the explosion of smartphone and tablet use over the last 5 years, mobile applications that make their users’ lives easier and more convenient have proliferated. Apps help us in our personal lives as well as our professional ones. Here are some of the top applications that our users enjoy on a daily basis to make a more flexible, mobile work environment:

5.  Twitter

The ever-expanding world of 140 characters or less  has caught fire over the last several years. Twitter’s mobile application, which perfectly caters to the social media site’s attitude, has seen its popularity rise along with the original website.

This application allows users to not only quickly spit out tweets with their thumbs, but also track their timeline at a moment’s notice to keep up with their colleagues, sports teams or rock bands. This app has had a major hand in connecting individuals with each other and businesses with consumers

4.  Evernote

Evernote is one of the leading mobile applications in notetaking, archiving and record keeping. This app allows its users to pen down notes on any topic or any idea and seamlessly sync their musings to their computer tablet, or any other device with the application installed.

Evernote allows users to keep themselves organized and their tasks prioritized which has helped to benefit them both professionally and in everyday personal life.

3.  ShareFile Mobile

ShareFile’s very own mobile tools, whether for Android, iOS or other platforms, have given  users the ability to take their entire data repository in their pocket wherever they go. ShareFile’s mobile tools provide a quick, intuitive way of accessing and managing your documents whenever you need them.

As well as reviewing your data, you can also manage user access to your files  and send data out whenever you need to. It’s great in a pinch when you need to get that presentation to your client, but are nowhere near your computer.

2.  Podio

Citrix’s recent acquisition, Podio, brings group collaboration to any mobile platform for quick use. The Podio application allows work groups to establish a place to exchange thoughts and notes, update each other on a project’s progress, or brainstorm for their next project.

With nearly all the features of the web application integrated into the app, the mobile tool is all you need to get the full effect of all of Podio’s benefits!

1.  GoToMeeting

With the introduction of GoToMeeting’s mobile application, Citrix’s mobile vision truly hits full force. This app gives you the ability to conduct and attend meetings, regardless of whether you are in front of your computer.

With the ability to view the full presentation of the meeting as well as attend the call, GoToMeeting allows users to fully participate in a conversation with their peers from wherever they may be, without missing a beat. The added ability to quickly schedule and create meetings further allows users to collaborate on the go.

Do you use any of these apps for work? Share your favorites with us.

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Justin Nuzum currently manages the support team at ShareFile. Justin came to ShareFile prior to its acquisition by Citrix in December of 2011. He was one of the founding members of the original support team, which has since grown to provide 24/7 support for all ShareFile products and applications.