4 Ways to Integrate Your Own Brand in Your ShareFile Account

While many accounts take advantage of our complimentary custom branding, incorporating your brand identity doesn’t have to stop the day that you sign up for an account. There are many places that you can customize your account to ensure that the messaging in your account is consistent with your own company image and language.

Keeping your account up to date: Has your website changed since your account was customized? Our branding team can update your account branding whenever you have a new logo or website design to make sure that your ShareFile account is current and familiar to your clients. If you want to get an update, you can email support@sharefile.com and let us know, and we can set this up for you. Customizing the look of your account is always a complimentary part of the service, so there’s no charge for the update, and we can usually display the new branding within one business day.

Feeling creative? You can also login to the account to update your own branding. Any employee user who has permissions to edit the branding can log in, click the ‘Admin’ link, and then click ‘Edit Custom Branding’ to use all of the same settings and options that our graphics team uses to update your account.


Including a message about your business in outgoing emailsThere are two places where ShareFile inserts text about our service in outgoing emails. The first is the following paragraph, which is included in most emails that go out from our system:

ShareFile is a tool for sending, receiving, and organizing your business files online. It can be used as a password-protected area for sharing information with clients and partners, and it’s an easy way to send files that are too large to e-mail.

We use this message to help explain what you are sending to any recipients who may not be familiar with our service, but some accounts prefer to explain this in their own way or to edit the text to focus on their own business.

You can change the text that displays in this paragraph, which we call the ‘Email Overview’, by logging in to your account and clicking the ‘Admin’ section, and then clicking ‘Edit Custom Branding’. On this screen, you can expand the ‘Email Branding’ screen, and enter text in the ‘Email Overview Text’ field. Whatever you enter here will exactly replace the paragraph listed above in all outgoing emails.


On this screen, you can also edit the email footer. By default, we place a small footer reading ‘Powered by ShareFile’ to all outgoing emails from the system. If you would like to include different text, such as a disclaimer, you can enter in the ‘Email Footer Text’ field to replace the current text.

Integrating your ShareFile account in your own website: If you want to drive more traffic to your website and use ShareFile to transfer files, there are a number of ways that you can direct ShareFile traffic to your website:

Logging in: You can place a login box for your account on your website so that you can ask users to go to your site to log in, rather than to ShareFile.com or your account login page. To do so, you can login, click ‘Admin’ in the top navigation bar, and then click ‘Login Code Sample’. This page will give you the basic HTML code that can be copied to the code for your site to add the log in box.

Linking to files and folders: You can create links to let visitors to your files or folders on your website so that they can download files that you want to share with everyone. To set up the links, you can log in to your account, and open the folder where the files that you want to link to are stored. Check off the files that you want to include. You can also check off whole folders if you want to link to them. Then, click the ‘Send’ button. You can select to get a link that you can copy and send, and then make sure that the link settings are the way that you want them. When you click ‘Next Step’, you will be given a link that you can copy and paste into the code for your site to let visitors download files from the link.

Making an upload form: If you often use the ShareFile service to receive files, you can create an upload form on your website, so that you can ask people to go to your own site to upload files to you. This allows the user to go directly to your website, select the files to send to you, and transfer the files without ever having to leave the site. We can help you create custom code for the upload form within your account. To set up a form, you can login, click ‘Admin’ in the top navigation bar, and then click ‘Remote Upload Wizard’. The Wizard will take you through the settings that you can create for your upload form and give you the code, which can be copied and pasted into the HTML code for your site.

Running your ShareFile account through your own website: If you would like to let users login and use your account without ever leaving your website, you can also run your ShareFile account in an iframe on your site. For help with the code for the iframe, please contact ShareFile Support with any questions.

Redirecting back to your website: You can also change your account settings so that when a user logs out of your account, they automatically return to your website. You can make this change in the ‘Admin’ section under ‘Edit Custom Branding’. If you expand the ‘Miscellaneous’ section, you can enter your own website in the ‘Logo URL’ field. This will send users to your website if they click on your logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen, or if they log out of the account.

As you can see, your ShareFile account can be a seamless part of your service to clients. If you have any questions about advanced branding features or just want to get custom branding set up for your account, please contact ShareFile support.