Three things you didn’t know about the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Since we first released the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, it consistently has been one of our most popular power tools. Like most ShareFile customers, you probably use the plugin to insert links to files already in your ShareFile account, to request files from recipients or to upload and send new files directly from an email. But that’s not all the plugin can do.

Here are three lesser-known ways you can use the plugin:

1. Bypass your inbox and send files right from your desktop.

With the Send to function, you can securely mail files directly from your desktop or Windows Explorer. When you right-click on a file on your desktop, you can select Send to in the drop-down menu and then click Mail Recipient with ShareFile. When the new message opens, complete and send it as you normally would, and the plugin will do all of the heavy lifting, automatically uploading and converting the files to ShareFile links.

2. Search for attachments without actually having any attachments.

You can use the Attach a link to files function to make a paperclip attachment icon appear on outgoing emails that contain files sent with ShareFile. This allows files sent via ShareFile to appear when you search for emails that have attachments. To enable this feature, click Plug-in Options in your Microsoft Outlook toolbar, and then under Attachment Policy, select Attach link to files.

3. Change your settings for individual emails.

When you install and set up the plugin, the settings you choose will apply to all of your emails. But if you want to send an individual email with different settings than your defaults, it’s not a problem. Just click the drop-down menu next to the desired option and select Change Option. From this menu, you can modify the default settings for login requirements, notifications, expiration dates, the upload destination and the number of downloads allowed per user.

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  • Mark Klopfenstein

    Thanks for the information, Sarah. Very helpful. Keep the tips coming. 🙂