3 Ways to create a culture of collaboration

In a 2014 survey, 86% of American employees and executives cited a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication as the primary culprit for workplace failures. As technology flourishes and businesses grow increasingly remote, new ways of approaching collaboration must be implemented:

Focus on “why”

Infuse your company’s core mission throughout the organization. Emphasize the why you do over what you do. This is an effective way to earn long-term employee loyalty and create an environment of extraordinary teamwork.

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software company that recently earned a spot on the coveted Best Workplaces in Canada list. They place tremendous emphasis on this concept and incorporate their “why” into each part of the business. “Unlike prior generations, these folks are operating on another order of intrinsic motivation,” says Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks. “They need to know the why. And they have a sense of purpose in the work they do.”

Be transparent

Gone are the days where leaders maintain a poised and polished appearance. It is candor, not perfection, that wins the hearts and minds of the best employees.

This principle is a large part of how Zappos has cultivated such world-class culture. When Zappos switched to a new self-organization management model in 2015, their leaders spoke honestly and offered a voluntary buyout to employees who didn’t feel the organization would continue to be a good career fit.

Streamline feedback

In an era where access to information is merely a click away, employees are looking for new, innovative ways to communicate their wants and needs.

In response to this growing demand, IBM recently introduced Checkpoint, a mobile platform that encourages a free flow of real-time communication across the org chart.  “Checkpoint is a performance management initiative for the new world of work,” said Virginia Rommetty, CEO, Chairman, and President of IBM.

By providing teams with new lines of communications, employees at every level feel empowered to take greater risks and participate in deeper, more meaningful ways.

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