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3 Reasons to Love the Outlook Plug-in

If you use the ShareFile Outlook Plug-in, we hope it makes sending files a little easier. Here are three ways that you can use ShareFile and Outlook together and save even more time every day.

1)  Right-click to send

Did you know the plug-in can send files right from your desktop? In the desktop or Windows Explorer, right-click a file title. In the menu that opens, hover the cursor over Send to and click Mail Recipient with ShareFile. An Outlook new message window will open, including a link to the file or files that you selected to send with ShareFile. Enter your recipient and email content, and then send.

2)  Create an automatic attachment policy

If you use ShareFile to send large files, let the plug-in help you automatically. To enable this capability, open Outlook and click the Plug-in Options button in your inbox toolbar. Click Attachment Policy in the left sidebar, and then mark the Automatic option on the screen. ShareFile will automatically convert any attachments larger than the size you determine to a secure ShareFile link. Files smaller than your threshold will still be sent as normal attachments unless you choose to send them via ShareFile manually. Click OK or Apply to save your setting.

3)  Place a request link in your email signature

Create a request link and embed it in your Outlook signature to let your contacts easily send files to you via ShareFile. From the Outlook Plug-in, simply open a new message and click Request a File in the ShareFile toolbar. A request link will be placed in your new message. Copy the link and any associated text. Click Insert in the new message toolbar, and then click Signature. Click the Signatures option and select the signature that you would like to edit. Paste the link and text into the body of your signature and click OK. Your email signature will now include a request link allowing your clients to securely send their files anytime.

*Note: These steps apply to Outlook plug-in version 2.086 and newer. Users with an older version of the plug-in, or who require login to upload via request link, will need to first send a copy of the request link to their own email address and then copy the link to insert into a signature. Older versions of the plug-in insert placeholder links in email messages which are replaced with a working link at the time the email is sent.

Check  out the screenshots below:






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