Citrix wins big at the 2017 North Carolina Technology Association annual awards

We are delighted to announce that Citrix was named the Industry-Driven winner at the annual North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) annual awards event. Every year, the NCTA recognizes companies and individuals that characterize excellence, innovation, and leadership. The capstone event, attended by over 700 guests representing companies across the state, included a reception, dinner, and awards ceremony.

NCTA awards

The North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) is a not-for-profit association focused on advancing North Carolina’s tech industry. Founded in 1993, the NCTA focuses on workforce knowledge, executive engagement, and public affairs for the betterment of industry employees, companies, and organizations.

For Citrix, this acknowledgement solidifies our place in North Carolina as a driver of innovation and excellence in the field of healthcare technology. While Citrix and innovation have always belonged together, as evidence by our continued support and participation in the Innovators Program, the NCTA recognizes Citrix’s overall contribution to healthcare technology.

Winners were determined by a Selection Committee comprised of non-profit, media, education, and technology leaders representing multiple state regions. Key Citrix differentiators include our overall dedication to healthcare across all product lines, development of ShareFile for healthcare, and Citrix’s billion-dollar business with healthcare as a key portion of growth.

Congratulations to the Citrix team for designing and supporting solutions to truly impact the quality and delivery of healthcare technology around the world.