10 signs you work in tech

Once upon a time, when deciding on a career, a steady income and retirement plan were what most people wanted. Nowadays, there’s a focus on work-life balance and finding a company with a culture fit.

A growing percentage of the workforce now has jobs in the technology field, and if you find that the jabs from a certain HBO series based in the Bay Area hit a little too close to home, you just might work at a tech company yourself. Here are 10 other signs you work in tech:

1. You don’t understand how people can work with only one screen. I need at least two computer screens to get any work done, and that is the bare minimum. I really prefer three, and I envy those I see with four. In a pinch, I can get some emails done with just my laptop, but for any real productivity, show me the screens.

2. Speaking of monitors, you freak out if someone touches one of them. Seriously, don’t touch my screen.

3. You’ve debated the pronunciation of the word “GIF.” It stands for a GRAPhic Image File, guys. I don’t care what its creator has to say about it, the other way to pronounce it is a brand of peanut butter.

4. You don’t own a suit. The dress code at work is slack, if it even exists. Your CEO wears jeans and a T-shirt, and so do you.

5. You’ve requested personal time off for a video game or movie release. Why are video games released on Tuesdays? Don’t they know I’m running out of sick days?

6. You’ve had a complete conversation in “meme” format. Brace yourselves, another meme reference is coming.

7. Snacks and caffeine everywhere, snacks and caffeine everywhere. Your office would turn to chaos without a never-ending supply of cola drinks and salty treats.

8. You’re surrounded by modern furniture and bean bag chairs. There must be a study out there someone about bean bag chairs and productivity, because every tech office out there has a collection of them.

9. There are scooters and/or bicycles strewn about the office because walking just doesn’t get you there quickly enough sometimes.

10. You judge people’s browser preference. Please don’t use the one that ends the phrase “Dora the …”

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  • Jordan Rainey

    Great article. I also liked the picture. It’s the lobby of HMC Architects in Ontario, CA. i really enjoyed working there.