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Replace FTP with ShareFile

Businesses have depended on FTP for file transfer for years, but many people find it to be a cumbersome tool and a time-consuming process. File transfer protocol places responsibility on clients and vendors to download and use client software, which can take some time to find and learn. Standard FTP also transfers sensitive business files in plain text with no protection for data. Managing the necessary servers requires significant time and IT resources, which make FTP an unsustainable solution for savvy businesses. Fortunately, there is now an easy-to-use, cloud-based alternative for modern business.

Count on ShareFile for secure file transfer in the cloud

Citrix ShareFile offers a full-featured solution for companies ready to leave the hassle of FTP behind. With intuitive, always-available file transfer and storage, a ShareFile portal offers a more convenient workflow for happier employees and clients.

ShareFile offers several key benefits that lead business users to choose it over FTP.

  • Clear, flexible user access controls
    • ShareFile makes user management easy with editable permissions on the folder level. Share only those files and folders that each person needs to see. There‚Äôs no advanced training or knowledge necessary to set up a secure, private space to share files.
  • Web-based, user-friendly interface
    • ShareFile is completely web based, with no required software downloads or installation. Client-end users do not need to have experience with file transfer protocol to use ShareFile. The simple, clear interface makes navigation and file transfer easy.
  • Professional, branded online portal
    • With ShareFile, businesses can direct clients to a custom-branded login site for their online account, rather than pointing them to an FTP address.
  • Automatic activity notifications
    • The ShareFile system keeps everyone up to date for you. Optional email notifications are available to alert you and other account users whenever data is added to your folders or downloaded.

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