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File Transfer

File transfer is an integral part of business, but it can often pose a challenge. Employees constantly share files with coworkers and clients. Anyone who has tried to send large email attachments knows that errors often occur. Email clients are just not meant to handle big files. FTP sites make it easier to send large files but do not provide sufficient security for confidential information. Like FTP, many consumer-grade solutions offer the ability to transfer big files but ignore proper security measures. Businesses need a solution that allows them to quickly and securely transfer files.

Discover the ease of file transfer with ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is an easy file transfer solution that lets businesses exchange files up to 10 GB with coworkers and clients quickly and securely. Instead of relying on antiquated file sharing methods like email and FTP, ShareFile provides a user-friendly portal that is easily accessible from multiple devices. The ShareFile web-based portal, plugin for Microsoft Outlook and desktop sync capabilities give the user flexibility for transferring files. ShareFile uses state-of-the-art datacenters to store and transmit your data, ensuring the security of confidential information.

  • Transfer files up to 10 GB
  • Secure file sharing between coworkers and clients
  • Easy anytime access to files from multiple devices
  • Flexible power tools to enhance workflow

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