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File Storage

Businesses save money in the long run when they switch to a paperless file system. Digital records reduce the space required for file storage and cut down on the printing resources and administrative costs needed for managing a paper file system. The question that companies face is how to manage all of those digital files. The days of saving to a floppy disk are long gone, but backup and the ability to transfer information to a new computer are more important than ever before. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, information is only as helpful as it is accessible. As a business grows, the need for data storage increases. Companies need cost-effective, readily available storage solutions that can accommodate any amount of data.

Access files anytime, anywhere from the cloud

If your business faces these challenges, ShareFile is the solution for you. ShareFile helps companies of all sizes store files in a secure, web-based cloud, so information is available any time, from any device or computer. ShareFile also incorporates best-in-class security and features for seamless integration with your local file system and email.

  • Convenient folder structure mimics your local file system
  • Large file upload accommodates up to 10 GB in a single transfer
  • Bulk file and folder creation makes setup fast and simple
  • Anytime file access through web-based interface, mobile and desktop apps
  • Expert support and setup assistance from dedicated account managers

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