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Secure Document Sharing

Many small and large businesses offer their clients a third-party, secure Internet portal for transferring important digital documents. Citrix ShareFile provides this service and expands on it to create an office tool that really knows how to multitask. Your clients will love the easy-to-navigate login and quick document exchange rate. Sharing information is pleasant for the user, and the experience is associated with your company's brand.

With ShareFile, you can back up files automatically, saving yourself that separate task. You can share files across an office or secure documents for later retrieval, while traveling or working from home. While you work, your company identity will be working for you online. Get a free trial of ShareFile.

A Useful Service with Your Logo on It

Suppose that every time your customers used secure document sharing services, they were seeing your logo. Often, advertising must reach a very wide audience in order to connect with a select few. This can mean huge dollar outlays and wasted print resources. You put a lot into establishing your corporate identity. Why not promote it? Let ShareFile turn secure file sharing into a novel promotional opportunity.

Share documents of any size or media type via an SSL-secure connection embedded in your company's website. The ShareFile graphic experts will custom configure a login box for you and your employees, colleagues and clients to use. They'll match your existing site decor, logo, fonts and colors. This will enhance and extend the visual theme of your homepage to your business transactions. Every time others log on, you'll be strengthening your brand image.

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