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Citrix ShareFile outdoes other file sharing sites by offering more, while giving you less hassle, fewer restrictions and zero worries. ShareFile promises easy and secure connections, virtually unlimited file sizes, and fast transfer speeds. On top of that, ShareFile is built from the ground up for business users. We understand the needs of professionals, and we make enhancing your professional image a priority while providing unparalleled service to both you and your customers.

We’ll provide you with a custom-branded file sharing site where your employees and clients can go to upload and download files, images or audio recordings. The thumbnail menu makes finding the right file a snap, and only authorized users can see the files that are meant for their eyes or ears. Tracking and alerts allow you to see who’s viewing what and receive confirmation when a recipient accesses their files. Our powerful tools help integrate ShareFile into your normal workflow, increasing efficiency and ease of use. In the rare event that you need assistance or support, a dedicated account manager will be standing by, ready to solve your problems.

The Fastest, Easiest and Best of the File Sharing Sites

Leave slow and dubious email and FTP transfer methods behind. Get more from ShareFile than from comparable services:

  • Share files up to 10 GB in size
  • Access files anywhere with mobile apps
  • Confirm files have been received with tracking and alerts
  • Streamline workflow with robust power tools
  • Enjoy setup and support assistance from a dedicated account manager

Choose the professional file sharing site with the most reliable software and most secure hardware repositories. Try ShareFile free for a limited time.

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