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Business File Sharing

Productivity is king in today’s workplace. So, why are many businesses still using email or FTP as a method of file sharing? Email only works with small attachment sizes and does nothing to ensure the confidentiality of transferred information. FTP can slow productivity with complicated login and software requirements and often requires use of IT staff during setup. Standard FTP does not encrypt data in transit, a major concern for industries where data privacy is important. To stay productive in a fast-paced business climate, companies must employ a solution that will aid in secure file sharing.

A professional file sharing solution for businesses

Citrix ShareFile is a secure file sharing solution that offers a variety of ways to connect with coworkers and clients. ShareFile can be accessed from any web browser, and it does not require the opening of additional ports or special software to use it. The use of SSL encryption protects the privacy of all passwords and data. ShareFile power tools, like the ShareFile Plugin for Outlook, allow users to send files directly from their desktop and other applications. Instead of attachments, recipients receive a link to the content so shared files are never sent via the email server. Mobile apps allow for seamless access to all your files on the go. Company productivity is increased with this one-stop-shop solution.

Using ShareFile is easy, fast and secure and gives you control over data. To save time, you can easily send a file to multiple recipients from the web app, plugin or mobile apps. ShareFile lets you track account activity so you’ll know exactly when your recipients have viewed or downloaded a file.

Client users, remote or traveling employees can access ShareFile from mobile apps for easy document viewing. Multiple ways to access files ensure that your users can view documents and respond anytime that is convenient for them. ShareFile provides flexibility so you get the most out of the file sharing service.

  • Powerful tools integrate ShareFile into daily workflow
  • Fully customizable account and security settings
  • Upload and share files up to 10 GB
  • Data encrypted in transfer and storage
  • Easy-to-use account and mobile features

With all these great features, ShareFile will become an integral part of your business. Sign up for a free trial today and start file sharing with ease.

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