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The First One and Two-Way Sync Capability for Small and Medium Businesses

Today ShareFile announces the launch of ShareFile Sync, a new business-centric synchronization tool that will give businesses the ability to continuously synchronize files and folders across users’ specific folder workflow using their ShareFile Account. The new feature will also include one-way sync capability to address scenarios where greater customization is required to protect important shared files and folders. This is the latest feature enhancement to ShareFile’s existing secure file transfer and virtual data room platforms that enable companies to exchange and store large and/or confidential business files.

Key Facts

  • ShareFile Sync automatically synchronizes files across user-specified folders making it easier for businesses to share large, important files easily and professionally to dramatically enhance workflow.
  • ShareFile Sync is accessible by all users and will be included in ShareFile’s Professional and Enterprise price plans. Basic Plan customers can add the Power Tools bundle to their plan for an additional cost.
  • The Sync feature provides two-way synchronization in addition to one-way sync which enables businesses to choose to protect certain folders by creating an ‘upload only’ setup. This feature supports Windows and Mac OS and requires Adobe Air 2.0+.
  • ShareFile Sync will be part of the company’s Power Tools suite, which includes an Outlook Plugin, Desktop and Mobile Apps among others.
  • Later in Q1, ShareFile will also launch Enterprise Sync which will provide server-based capabilities that will offer more robust unattended operations and reporting.
  • ShareFile’s web-based solution is a secure tool that allows companies to transfer large business files easily, securely and professionally.

Quotes: Jesse Lipson, Chief Executive Officer, ShareFile: “We are very excited to offer ShareFile Sync, providing continuous synchronization for our SMB customers. Our tool is more powerful than some other file synchronization tools because it is business-focused and can therefore handle complex file sharing needs and business cases. With ShareFile Sync we’re giving businesses the power to setup granular folder relationships based on their needs, as well as the ability to choose to synchronize their folders one-way or two-way so they can protect certain files or folders.”