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Based on customer demand for increased levels of security and enterprise-level capabilities, ShareFile, a leading provider of secure file transfer and full-featured virtual data room solutions that enable companies to exchange large and/or confidential business files, has expanded its product suite to include multiple enterprise features, including Active Directory integration. The features include increased security options, enhanced logging and reporting, and better tools for managing large numbers of users.

ShareFile also announced that it has crossed 2.5 million business users. Over 99% of the Fortune 500 is represented in ShareFile’s 2.5 million user base.

Key Facts:

  • Active Directory Integration: Activate, authenticate, create and update ShareFile accounts against the Active Directory
  • Administrators: Multi-level administrators can be set, granting granular administrative permissions
  • IP Restrictions: IP restrictions can be set for employees, or all users, to only access the system for a defined set of IP addresses
  • Advanced Security Feature Set:
    • Expiration dates for user account
    • Granular control over password strength requirements and number of failed logins before user is locked out
    • Force reset of password after defined number of days to help comply with PCI and other security requirements and best practices
  • Activity Logging: Additional logging and reporting of activities to account administrators, including creation/deletion of users, failed login attempts, and many more system actions


Jesse Lipson, Chief Executive Officer, ShareFile:

“ShareFile has always been 100% focused on business users, but in the past 6 months we have seen greatly increased traction with large enterprises. Today’s enterprises are demanding more than what simple consumer based file-sharing services have to offer, and recent security breaches by freemium providers have illustrated the importance of business-class security and user management features. While no software solution is bulletproof, our new security and reporting features, including delegated authentication using Active Directory, help enterprises take control over security while still benefiting from SaaS solutions like ours. We are very excited to expand our offerings and will be announcing more enterprise features in the months to come.”

Paul Barker, Mobius:

“ShareFile has always provided the service and features that meet our critical business needs. As an engineering training company that shares large file sizes on a daily basis, ShareFile’s services provide us with a branded interface, ease of access and user-level access control, allowing each partner to see only the materials they need or want to see. In evaluating like services, ShareFile provided the functionality that was essential to us, combined with top-drawer customer service and support.”