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ShareFile Brings Enterprise-Level Continuous Synchronization to Businesses

ShareFile Brings Enterprise-Level Continuous Synchronization to Businesses ShareFile Surpasses Two Million Users and Adds New Capabilities

With its user base currently exceeding two million, ShareFile today announces Enterprise Sync, an extension of its business-centric synchronization tool that empowers small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with server-based capabilities including robust scheduling and reporting. Such capabilities help to free up IT resources and allows them to focus on more critical functions required by the business. Powered by the same core technology as ShareFile Desktop Sync, Enterprise Sync not only provides companies with the ability to continuously synchronize files and folders, it also offers granular scheduling, tracking, logging and notification options that are more suited to enterprises' complex file/folder infrastructure.

Key Facts:

Flexible: Enterprise Sync offers flexibility for scheduling sync jobs to run continuously or to run at specific times, dates, and time intervals based on business requirements. One-way synchronization can be configured if for security reasons two-way synchronization is not called for. Different sync jobs can also be associated with different users' accounts.

Multi-Platform: Enterprise Sync can be run on desktop or laptop computers but is also optimized to run as a service on Windows or Linux servers. Automation and Visibility: Administrators can view detailed logs about the status of synchronized folders and files and they can configure email notifications and run custom reports of upload/download activity.

Enterprise Sync supports Windows, Mac and Linux and is available for ShareFile Enterprise and Enterprise Gold customers.


Jesse Lipson, Chief Executive Officer, ShareFile:

"We're proud to announce that our user base has grown beyond two million, an important milestone for us in a year when we expect our exponential growth to continue. As a business-focused service that does not offer 'freemium products,' crossing two million users shows that ShareFile has gained some significant traction in our market."

"We are ready to move to the next level of business file sharing by providing SMBs with enterprise-level file synchronization. With more complex file sharing needs than consumers, our business customers have requested advanced functionality like the ability to run our sync tools on their file servers, as well as one-way sync and the ability to schedule and track file synchronization jobs on a granular level. We are very excited today to be able to provide a truly business-class file synchronization tool to our customers."