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Secure File Transfer Leader ShareFile Announces Drive Mapping Feature

ShareFile releases drive mapping functionality to simplify the file transfer process.

ShareFile is proud to announce a new feature to its file transfer product. The North Carolina based company has released a unique drive mapping feature that enables users to simplify the file upload and download process. This addition enhances the already full-featured FTP site alternative for business product offered by ShareFile.

“We are continually working to enhance our already best-in-class file sharing products,” stated VP of Technology Peter Hebert. “The ability to map a local drive letter to ShareFile allows us to integrate seamlessly into the workflow of our customers. It is just another feature that sets ShareFile apart from other secure file transfer providers.”

The enhanced drive mapping feature allows users to simply assign a local drive letter in the Windows operating system to their ShareFile account. This feature not only allows for easy drag and drop upload and download of files, it also allows users to simply double-click any file and edit the file locally with their program of choice, without needing to first download the file and then re-upload it later. ShareFile’s engineering team is constantly working on new features and behind the scenes improvements to the company’s offerings. In January, ShareFile released an update version of its popular MS Outlook Plug-In and plans several other major feature releases in the upcoming quarter.