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ShareFile Helps Massachusetts Companies Comply with 201 CMR 17 Law

ShareFile helps businesses comply with recent Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 Law concerning the safeguarding of personal information contained in electronic records.

ShareFile, a leading provider of secure file transfer for business customers, recently announced services to help companies comply with the 201 CMR 17 law. This law, passed in September of 2008,
took effect on January 1, 2010 and impacts many industries including accounting, financial, and healthcare. 201 CMR 17 was passed in order to set standards for persons who own,
license, store or maintain personal information about a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

"The Massachusetts Legislature has taken steps to ensure the security and privacy of the information of the citizens of the Commonwealth," said Keith Bowman, ShareFile Vice President of Sales and
Marketing. "We are proud to offer secure data services that help businesses comply with all the of the 201 CMR 17 standards set forth by this law."

ShareFile provides free a consultation for businesses in need of 201 CMR 17 compliance assistance. All data stored by ShareFile is guaranteed secure and protected by the latest firewalls and
communications between ShareFile and the user are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The 201 CMR 17 standards were created to combat identity theft and specifically protect the
personal data of those who are Massachusetts residents. More information can be found on ShareFile's 201 CMR 17 standards web page and on the official Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 web page.