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Customer stories

Empire Properties

Real estate development, brokerage and management firm Empire Properties uses ShareFile mobile apps to share files with other brokerage firms and to collaborate internally. Watch the video.

Film Racing

Film Racing chose Citrix ShareFile to power the upload and distribution of large video files for the 24-Hour Film Race. Watch the video.

Welbro Building

Welbro Building Corporation chose ShareFile to share project materials from the office or from the field. Watch the video.

Doyle Raizner LLP

The law firm of Doyle Raizner LLP maintains paperless communication between the office and the courtroom with ShareFile. Watch the video.

CritelliLaw, P.C.

Attorneys at the firm count on ShareFile's security and reporting features, while dramatically reducing spending on paper and postage.

Construction Engineering Consulting Group, Inc.

CECG employees use ShareFile mobile apps to access large PDFs and 3-D design files on the road.

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Customer quotes

“WD-40 Company needed to share confidential documents with a global internal and external group. Existing internal security measures made this prospect a nightmare for the IT department, especially for the external consultants and advisors involved. Thanks to the incredibly easy to use and access capabilities of ShareFile, a structure was established and in use in less than an hour. Now wherever they are, any of the strategic team members have instant access to pertinent information over the web.”

- Robert Hoagland, WD-40 Company

“Our three-person CPA firm here in Greenwood, SC just recently transitioned our clients to using our CPA-branded ShareFile secure portal. We upload all client documents and they have access 24/7, plus they can store a paperless copy of their own if they want to go paperless. Our staff and our clients are very pleased with ShareFile.”

- Dana Roberts, Clifford W. Stumbo, CPA

“We use ShareFile to share all our Health/Safety & Environment Navigation documents - this saves us tremendous efforts in setting up portals for external access. Secondly, it saves us quite a substantial amount of money since we don't have to purchase additional licenses for our web-enabled DMS. And lastly, our internal security is enhanced because all external user accounts are now segregated.”

- Eduard Bitao, Karara Mining Ltd

“As with any small business, especially an engineering firm, cost is a factor in any business purchase, but this service is worth every affordable penny. In a growing digital world, we must keep up with demand, and this service has allowed our company to save hundreds on shipping costs because the majority of our files were normally too large to email. We email entire sets of plans now instead of overnighting flash drives, data discs, etc. I have pleased so many of our clients using this service, and the return keeps our company happy. Thank you for such a wonderful share file service.”

- Rhainnon Matthews, Lane Engineers, Inc.

“ShareFile is good for us, great for our clients.”

- David Howarth, Cundall

“With multiple offices along the East Coast, Babington Technology uses ShareFile to share internal documents and design updates quickly, easily, and securely amongst all members of the team. ShareFile also allows us to share data with our military client base while meeting their security policies.”

- Eric Robb, Babington Technology

“We love using ShareFile because it's reliable, easy, and secure. Our ZinePak releases profile the biggest entertainers in the world, so we need an easy way to transfer files that we know is 100% secure. That's why we trust ShareFile to help us collaborate with our clients across the globe.”

- Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

“The innovative ShareFile Mobile App is extremely easy to use. With the ability to instantly upload on site survey photos from event space walk-throughs our creative team is able to immediately begin working for our clients.”

- Alexei Alankin, Eventige, Marketing

"We try cases across the country, and ShareFile helps us easily and securely send important documents and video material to our lawyers, experts, and clients wherever they are. One great advantage we have found during trial is the ability to rapidly have trial video playback edits completed back at the office and sent directly to our lawyers wirelessly in the courtroom. Great time and cost savings!"

- Mike Doyle, Doyle Raizner LLP

“Our original vendor had a background in the wealth management profession, not the data profession, and it showed. Errors, lost files, poor verification of backups and potential privacy issues. This time, by choosing Sharefile, we've put our faith in people who understand the "data" business because they're in the data business.

With Sharefile, we're confident that we can aggressively advocate for their service as a critical value-added resource. The key to this is based on their expertise, experience, and commitment to a core service offering. A resource isn't a resource if you can't continuously rely on its presence and have confidence in its operation both on the front and back-end. Sharefile will change how we use these services.”

- Bob Barry, Barry Capital Management

“Energy One uses ShareFile to securely transfer information between employees and members. It is also used to send documents to our board members. We have been proudly using this service since 2009.”

- Elizabeth Armstrong, Energy One Federal Credit Union

“We have been ShareFile customers for over 6 years and are very pleased with the services offered. From an easy-to-use dashboard to reliable backup ShareFile is more than a simple file exchange app. Whether you use a Mac or PC or even a mobile device with ShareFile you will be able to send large files, grant access to multiple users to specific files or backup your data. What really sets them apart though is their AMAZING customer service!”

- Jill Thiry, Kimbo Educational

“At times a product or service comes along that elicits an initial reaction of, "I don't need this". But upon further inspection, and use of the product or service, it is just the reverse -- "How could I live without this?" For our practice, this is our experience with Citrix ShareFile. Having used ShareFile over five months now, it is an integral part of our daily communications with both clients and prospective clients. We can now load ShareFile links to white papers on our social media sites knowing that we can begin to capture information on interested parties when they download the content. The Sharefile system is also very useful in communicating with existing clients, whether we need to send confidential information or large file attachments. We can now more effectively monitor client downloads of shared documents for better follow-up. We are not sure how we would efficiently, and optimally, run our practice without Sharefile.”

- Gratke Wealth, LLC

“Our firm was looking for a solution to sending and receiving secured client files that would be easy for our team and clients to use. ShareFile’s demo (over the phone and online) made the decision for us to make the switch easy.  The interface is intuitive and simple to use, which is exactly what we were looking for. Our clients’ response has been quite positive, and their use of the system has been higher than we first anticipated.”

- Heather Gudac, Financial Symmetry, Inc.

“Our satisfaction with GoToMeeting led us to adopt Citrix ShareFile, which we use for storing files and making them available to customers and partners. Also, all our financial data and files are on ShareFile, so our accountant can access them quickly and securely even though she is in California and we’re in Georgia.”

- Jack Elder, I/DC Technologies LLC

"In the world we work in, each project requires input from designers, animators and account managers. There are a lot of hands involved. With the ShareFile iPhone app, I can download proofs, often on-the-go, to provide feedback and approvals as soon as drafts become available. It’s changed the way we work."

- Todd Rickenbach, Specialized Productions Inc.

"I’m a real estate broker and I am constantly away from my office with only my iPhone. I use ShareFile mobile because it is fast and easy to use. I have hundreds of files stored on ShareFile, and I like the feature that I can sort my files by date, name or type. I can then securely send confidential files by email and get a receipt that the files were received and opened."

- Patrick Huddleston, Violet Crown Properties

"In the world of engineering, large file transfer is a given. Email wasn’t sufficient to send and receive large files, and FTP was cumbersome and had no notifications when files were uploaded or downloaded. ShareFile has been our answer for quick and effective file sharing with our clients. File sharing is easy even with non-technical folks with ShareFile’s straight forward interface. In the very infrequent event of an issue (2 times in 3 years – both user error), technical support is also extremely responsive and friendly. I can highly recommend ShareFile to my IT cohorts and hope our competition doesn’t know about it."

- Gregg Frank, Omnni Associates, Inc.
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Social reviews

@sharefile Been sending secure PDF files out to some learners today. Most impressed.
LearningforBusiness 3/20/2014

Thanks @Citrix @ShareFile for giving us the solutions to work on any device, from anywhere, at any time...even during a winter storm!
TriangleAirAwareness 3/3/2014

Bc of their commitment to #raleigh and #NC I chose @sharefile and @citrix @GoToMeeting. It doesn't hurt their products rock!
Matt 2/20/2014

@sharefile is revolutionizing how I do business. What a great way to access information in and out of the office.
Elliott 2/19/2014

Love working with @sharefile, such great support and #followup!
Christopher 1/7/2014

@sharefile our users love the mobile sync tools. Good product/service.
Chris 12/11/2013

One of the best/fastest/friendliest support team i've ever had contact with...keep up the good work!
Adam 12/4/2013

Nice. Citrix branded the ShareFile eval site with my company logo as a service!
Marcel 11/18/2013

@sharefile Thank You for awesome customer service!
BrightCloud 11/12/2013

Every time I have a problem @sharefile support to the rescue!
Adam 10/14/2013

We love being a @citrix office, @sharefile is our FAVE!!!
Kaydee 10/10/2013

Just had a fantastic customer service experience with @sharefile.
Eric 9/25/2013

Sharefile great for flexibility in data-gathering. Many clients upload documents day after initial call.
Chad 9/17/2013

Just restored an important file I accidentally deleted last week with zero fuss. Love @sharefile!
Blair 9/17/2013

@sharefile you guys are just the BESTEST! You make bidding so much easier.
Malou 9/11/2013

Thanks @sharefile for the safe delivery of files to clients during our
recent trial!
Katie 8/22/2013

I could not have hoped for better customer service. I am lucky to have Michael Broughton as my Account Manager !!!
Nadia 7/31/2013

Two more of our clients are now using @sharefile for their secure data transfer needs... #BigDataDoneRight
Kimbo Educational 7/24/2013

@sharefile Great way to securely
share and collect files on any device
we use.
Learning For Business 7/24/2013

Called ShareFile this afternoon for work and was pleasantly surprised at their level of customer service #aboveandbeyond
Jill 7/17/2013

Kudos to the entire Sharefile team for listening to us customers and really making Sharefile enterprise grade! #citrixsynergy
Dave 5/24/2013

Love it! The network share connector
is going to make my user's lives much
Justin 5/22/2013

Excited to be getting @sharefile access for @SoftcatLimited. We'll be able to access documents offline - everyone should be using @citrix!
Russell 6/28/2013

@sharefile Thanks for helping us keep all of our assets SAFE and SECURE, and for being an asset to #smallbiz owners everywhere!
Zinepak 6/7/2013

Trying out @sharefile and it is a sigh of relief, esp. for large projects like websites!
Niki 5/14/2013

Very pleased with the customer service today from @citrix @sharefile Kind & knowledgeable reps create and keep happy customers!
Katrina 4/18/2013

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