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Frequently asked questions

Below are some common questions about how ShareFile works. If your questions isn’t addressed here, please contact us directly at 1-800-441-3453. You may also consult our knowledge base, or click the support link at the top of the screen to submit a question.

Will my clients be able to see folders that I've made for other clients?

No. Your clients will only see folders to which you have granted them access. You also have the option to prevent clients from seeing other users who can access the same folders that they can.

How is ShareFile different from FTP?

Unlike FTP, which transfers files and passwords in clear text for anyone to see, ShareFile uses up to 256-bit SSL or TLS encryption to protect your files during transfer. ShareFile also can be accessed using any web browser that can access the Internet and does not require the opening of additional ports or the installation of special software. For more information, visit our ShareFile vs FTP page.

Additionally, ShareFile offers many value-added features not available with FTP, such as company branding, keyword searching of files and folders, configurable email alerts on file uploads and downloads, and easy user management.

NOTE: ShareFile offers compatibility with standard FTP for users within your company who may prefer to use existing FTP tools to access their data. FTP compatibility is an account preference that comes with our Power Tools package.

Is there a file size limit on uploading or sending files?

Files up to 10 GB in size may be uploaded, sent and stored with ShareFile.

How does ShareFile send large files through email?

Instead of attaching the file to your email, you upload it to ShareFile's secure servers. ShareFile will then provide you with a hyperlink that you can send to recipients, either through ShareFile or using your own email software. Recipients will be able to download the file by clicking the hyperlink.

For Microsoft Outlook users, ShareFile offers a plugin for Outlook as part of our Power Tools package to allow you to easily send large files without using email attachments.

Is ShareFile secure?

Yes. Unlike email and FTP, ShareFile transfers all files with up to 256-bit SSL or TLS encryption. Passwords are hashed so that not even ShareFile support employees are able to access them. All files on ShareFile are backed-up daily and hosted with best-of-breed servers and facilities.

How much does ShareFile cost?

ShareFile offers competitive pricing plans to fit every company size and budget. Our price plans start at $29.95 per month. Billing is based on the number of employee licenses and the amount of bandwidth and storage used, so your payment for the system is based on the business value that you receive from it. ShareFile has four standard plans: Basic, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise. The plans differ in the number of employees, amount of storage and amount of bandwidth included. The plans also have some feature differences, some of which can be viewed on our pricing page. All plans include unlimited accounts for clients and partners, custom branding, and customer support by both email and telephone. If the standard plans do not fit your company's needs, you can create your own plan by adding users and bandwidth a la carte or calling ShareFile for a custom quote.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of your free trial, your credit card will be automatically charged a pro-rated amount for the remaining days in the current month. On the first of the following month, billing will occur normally. There are no setup charges. To avoid being charged, you may cancel your free trial at any time by visiting www.sharefile.com/cancel or calling 1-800-441-FILE.

Can I pay using a purchase order instead of a credit card?

Yes, ShareFile does allow customers to pay by invoice instead of credit card. Payment by invoice is only available for the annual billing cycle, not for monthly or quarterly billing. For more information, call 1-800-441-FILE.

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