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FTP Site

Do you feel like you are wasting your time trying to support your FTP site? Or are you looking for a secure and easy-to-use alternative to traditional FTP?

For years, businesses have labored with the issue of transferring large files and have sometimes been forced to solve the dilemma by setting up their own FTP site. While traditional FTP can accomplish the task of transferring a large file, the problems associated with it can be overwhelming. IT professionals agree that an FTP site is notoriously painful to set up and that valuable time is spent configuring and maintaining the FTP server and even more time spent supporting the needs of the FTP clients.

ShareFile removes the burden on IT because it is a web-based solution that requires NO additional IT resources, NO additional hardware, and NO software installation. And instead of the basic file repository of an FTP site where any user could access any file, ShareFile allows you to create familiar folder structure and lets you grant user-level, password-protected access to each folder.

So instead of spending days setting up an FTP site, take 5 minutes to sign up for a ShareFile free trial today.

ShareFile: The secure alternative to an FTP site

A traditional FTP site is inherently insecure because there is no way to encrypt the transferred data. Due to this, many businesses won't allow communication with an FTP site because they view it as a security risk. ShareFile solves this problem by encrypting files during transfer and encrypting the files while they are stored in your ShareFile account. And because you can control access to each folder in your account, you can be certain your data is secure. In addition to 128-bit SSL encryption, ShareFile has automatic upload and download notifications and a robust audit trail so you can easily track client usage.

Some of the key features of ShareFile include:

  • + Unlimited client users
  • + Custom branded with your company logo and colors
  • + Intuitive password-protected folder structure
  • + Email notifications of uploads and downloads
  • + Robust reporting of user activity
  • + Redundant backup of all data
  • + Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • + No long-term commitment
  • + Daily 3rd party security audits
  • + MS Outlook Plug-In
  • + Ability to map local drive letter to ShareFile
  • + Tools to automate upload/download of files

Try ShareFile now - for FREE. In just minutes, you can set up your free trial account and see for yourself how ShareFile can solve all the deficiencies of your existing FTP site. Or, to speak with one of our enterprise sales representatives, call us at 1-800-441-3453 (international callers dial +1 703-651-7012). We also offer a Virtual Data Room solution.

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ShareFile is a strategic resource for us. As a CPA firm, we needed a confidential, cost-effective, and easy to use solution. ShareFile meets our needs. We simply e-mail a client a log-in to upload their large files and we transfer them into our network. We are notified when they upload their data. It works great.

- Brooks, Hughes, Pittman & Gupton Read More

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