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File Transfer

The Internet has made business much faster and smoother for billions of people all over the world. For many companies, file transfer via the web is an integral part of business. Traditionally, email and FTP were the methods with which file transfer was accomplished, but both of these mediums have serious shortcomings.

For instance, because email is so limited, large files will often get bounced back as undeliverable due to size. FTP is flexible but unsafe, because it allows users to be able to see all files in a public folder. Neither method is secured or encrypted, and both can be excruciatingly slow. However, there is a better answer to your file transfer needs: ShareFile is the professional choice when it comes to sharing files online.

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ShareFile places the power of file transfer solely in your hands. You control which clients see which files. All you have to do is upload your file and type in the recipient's email address. That client will then receive an email notifying him or her that the file is ready for download. Once downloaded, you will receive an email that the transfer is complete.

This level of complete file transfer tracking not only helps you track your business, but it also gives you an instant account history of your yearly transmissions at a glance. Try ShareFile for free with a trial online. You can also call 1-800-441-3453 to sign up.

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