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Virtual Deal Room

In today's digital age, businesses are expected to provide efficient solutions to complicated issues.  Whether it be Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate transactions, or general financial document administration, businesses are using ShareFile to solve the complications of file management.

Using ShareFile Virtual Deal Room, you can easily collect, organize and share due diligence documents with any or all interested parties. ShareFile is a web-based VDR that requires no IT overhead and no software installation.  The intuitive user interface requires no special training and the familiar file/folder structure makes it simple to use and administer.

ShareFile allows you to easily partition your files and manage document access by granting permissions on a folder level. Detailed audit reporting and automatic email alerts of uploads and downloads ensure that you are always in control of your documents.  Moreover, ShareFile's redundant infrastructure, 128 bit SSL file transfers, and stored file encryption guarantee the safety of your sensitive documents.

ShareFile: the affordable Virtual Deal Room

Unlike other Deal Rooms, ShareFile does not charge a per document, per user, or even per deal fee.  With ShareFile, you can manage all the files, for all the involved parties, for all your financial deals from a single account. At no additional charge, your ShareFile account will be custom branded to match your website.  Couple this with the ability to add a ShareFile login on your corporate website, and the professional, seamless solution will instill confidence with all participants.

Some of the key features of ShareFile's Virtual Deal Room include:

  • Unlimited logins for bidders
  • Easy to add or remove users with just a few clicks
  • Custom branded with your company logo and colors
  • Users see only the folders they belong to
  • Tracking and alerts to confirm that clients have received files
  • Administrative reporting with full audit of all logins, uploads, and downloads
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for PDF and image files
  • Works behind almost all corporate firewalls with no changes
  • No setup headaches for you or your bidders
  • Offsite backup of all data
  • Files are stored encrypted on our servers
  • Daily 3rd party security audits
  • Abillity to map a local drive letter to your Data Room on ShareFile

Try ShareFile now ? for FREE. In just minutes, you can set up your Virtual Deal Room and see for yourself how ShareFile's professional solution can accommodate your document management needs. Or, to speak with one of our enterprise sales representatives, call us at 1-800-441-3453 (international callers dial +1 703-651-7012).

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