Web Design Tips

Types and Fonts

Web Design Fonts and Typography- All about font properties.

Fonts for the Web- Types of fonts and opinions on the best web design fonts.

Web Fonts- The importance of fonts and types for website design.

Setting up Links on a Page

Creating Links in Your Page- Simple instructions on adding links to web pages.

Link groups- Using templates to produce a group of links.

Links- Creating pertinent links in the right places of your website.

General Tips and Guidelines for Web Design

How do I?- Tips for frequent questions on building a website.

Home Page- How to set up your home page.

Design Tips- Information and easy tips for web design.Using (secure file storage) can make sure your files are protected from loss.

Making Your Website Accessible-Tips and ideas on making your website more accessible.

Web Page Layouts

Basic Web Page Design- An interactive tutorial for web layout and design.

Ruthsarian Layouts- Description of different type of layouts.

Style Guide- Guide on web page layouts.

Images and Graphics

Standards Guide- Standards and principles when using images with web design.

Working with Images- Tools for using graphics and images.

Description of Image and Graphic Files- Explains the type of images, pixels and file types.

Tools and Access Counters

Tools for Web Pages- Frequent answer and questions about adding tools to your web pages.

Web Tools- Guide on access counters.

Access Counter- A how to on adding access counters.

Spacing on web pages and e-mail

Setting up Email- Instructions on using hyperlinks to set up email.

Tags- Instructions on using HTML and basic tags for formatting web pages. Tips for setting up email on a web page.