Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists are also known by the acronym PAML. These are mailing lists comprised of email addresses that are open to the public. Many companies use this as a way to advertise their company or survey a wide population of users at one time. There are both paid lists and free lists, depending on the provider.

The travel industry is quick to use publicly accessible mailing lists, especially newer or start up companies. They can reach a wide range of people quickly and without putting a lot of effort into their advertising. Other companies use the mailing lists to get people interested in a specific cause. They may send out a free newsletter, hoping to encourage a few people to start joining their cause.

These mailing lists are acquired by the person listing them in a number of ways. They may gain the lists by looking at websites, running an online shop, or buying lists from others. The downside to buying a list is that there’s no guarantee that the lists and email addresses for work. Many people use one email for their SPAM or junk mail and another email for the things they want to read every day.

There are also many publicly accessible mailing lists created by paid to read or paid to click websites. These websites work by paying users a small amount of money every time they read a link or click a link sent to their website. The payments are usually around one-tenth of a cent or less, meaning many people never reach the payout. However it is a great way for people to gather together a mailing list.

One of the best resources for these mailing lists is ListServ. Their website lists mailing lists by country, those with over 1,000 subscribers, and those with over 10,000 names on the list. They also allow users to search through the lists for a specific type or theme.

ListTool is another good resource as it allows users to select from the mailing list types in a drop down menu. Once a list type is selected, the user is taken to another page where they can see the total amount of mailing lists under that category. For example if they select Music, they’ll see all the mailing lists found under that category.

Tile.Net is another series of publicly accessible mailing lists. Users can look by domain name, name of the mailing list or description of the list. Point Arrow contains a large listing of directories. All of their mailing lists are shown under a series of categories including Travel, Arts, and Entertainment.

OpenSubscriber contains a large database of mailing lists, with users able to search the archives of those mailing lists. The archives contain email addresses from users that may have stopped subscribing in the past, but their email addresses are still found on this website. Archivum works in a similar way, as they archive mailing lists and newsgroups. They have nearly 50 million currently archived on their website.

There are many other publicly accessible mailing lists found online such as Dartmouth Sig List, Nihongo, and Maillist.

Paid websites include Albanaza and Topica.