Famous Hackers: Beware!

The definition of a hacker is generally a person committed to circumventing computer security to gain unauthorized access to remote computers. This is in a sense a 'break-in' via some type of communication network.

There are three catagories of hackers:

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Hackers have their own terms for what they do and how they do it. To learn all the hacker lingo a person could ever need to know go to:

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Hacker lingo is phreaky

Two of the most common problems that hackers perpetuate are hoaxes and viruses. To learn about some of these go to:




Unfortunately, hoaxes and viruses have a tendency to resurface again and again. To stay safe, keep your virus protection software as current as possible. Don't open attachments from people you don't know. Scan attachments from people you do know before you open them, and take anything you read with a grain of salt before forwarding it to everyone you know.

Cyber terrorism is a term that is very broad and easily misunderstood. The government is even struggling to define it. Dorothy E. Denning presented testimony before the Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism Committee in 2000. Additional clarification was made by the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC) and by Barry C. Collin and The Institute for Security and Intelligence.

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