Common Unix Commands

Here are a few resources that specialize in Basic UNIX Commands:

UNIX Information - This resource not only focuses on the UNIX operating system, but UNIX's companion, the Linux system. You will find tons of tips, news, and even a directory of other notable UNIX help websites.This website gives a great overview of UNIX and shows you some of the best tips and tricks to use in order to get the most out of the operating system.

UNIX Summary - Breaks down the most commonly used UNIX commands, and also describes what the commands are most often used for in the programming world. Knowing these common commands is essential to being able to use the opereating system in an effective manner.

UNIX Cheat Sheet - Save this to your favorites! A great list of UNIX commands that you will use often!

UNIX commands are good to know, especially if you are considering a career in thecomputer programming field. Computer programming evolves and changes over time, but learning the basics is a great starting point. Many veteran UNIX programmers use these commands on a daily basis.

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