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ShareFile University: Get your learn on, over lunch!

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Have you ever dreamed of the opportunity to sit down with the founders of your company and hear them tell THE story? Their story? How the company came to be, its milestones, missteps, and successes? What if you got to ask questions, too??

Or, what if you could spend your lunch improving your business skills? Your computer skills? Or learning more about the different facets of your company?

Here at Citrix ShareFile we truly believe in the value of continued education, so every month we bring our employees training opportunities as a part of what we call ShareFile University. Topics vary greatly and we’re adding to our catalog every month. We’ve got product-specific trainings, classes about our sibling products, classes on how to improve your workflow, and trainings dedicated to important life goals, too.

Of course, our most popular class is the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Lipson, founder of ShareFile, and listen as he tells the story of how ShareFile came to be. Some other favorites include Optimizing Outlook, a class on product management, and financial wellness classes. The best thing? Almost all of our classes are employee-led!

We’ve also begun expanding our reach to an international level so that our teams around the world can continue to stay on top of their knowledge. With tools as awesome as GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting out there, we can maximize our impact, no matter where our learners live and work.

In an effort to widen our reach, we’ve also started partnering with local companies to offer more specific and in-depth training for employees. We’ve even partnered with Wake Technical Community College to offer high level training opportunities for employees who want to grow their skill sets.

Encouraging employees to ‘get their learn on’ helps Citrix ShareFile attract and retain amazing talent, and keeps us all growing and improving. Plus, more education makes for smarter employees, and smarter employees help us make happier customers.

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Ashton is the community and employee engagement project manager for the Citrix Raleigh office. She handles community relationships and partnerships in the Raleigh (and larger Triangle) community, expanding and deepening employee engagement and enhancing Citrix’s reputation as a good corporate citizen. “It’s a job with a ton of variety, and every day is different, but having experience in design, real estate, sales and teaching, I love the challenge of building bridges and bringing everything (and everyone) together,” she says.