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Announcing: The new ShareFile Knowledge Base

Written by on July 2, 2013 in Customer Service - No comments

If you’re a fan of the Citrix ShareFile Knowledge Base, I have good news for you: is getting ready to unveil a new and improved layout and new content, all designed to make you an even bigger Knowledge Base fan.

If you haven’t used our Knowledge Base, check it out at It is a great resource for finding answers to your ShareFile questions and for learning more about our new features. You’ll find informational articles, video tutorials, and answers to common questions regarding ShareFile. It’s a great resource for our new accounts as well as those of you who have been using ShareFile for years and just want to learn more about their account.

In revamping the site this month, we are using a new design and adding updated articles to make the user experience even better. Note: if you have ever used the Knowledge Base for any of our sister products (GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, etc.) the new Knowledge Base may look really familiar to you.


The most visible addition is the big Search Bar, which you can use to search the entire Knowledge Base with questions or keywords. It’s an easy way to get a quick question answered without calling our support team or sending an email for help.

Another great feature is the option to View All Articles, which lets you browse articles when you don’t necessarily have a specific question. The articles are listed in the right hand column under general headers for easy access from any page in the site.

One more feature to note is the Contact Us option in the upper right corner, which will lead you directly to a page where you can email the support team directly, chat with our support team, or give us a call.

Our documentation team has worked hard to update our existing articles and add new articles for this new Knowledge Base, and we hope you enjoy using it as your ShareFile reference.

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