How Citrix employees bring the spirit of the Olympics to their jobs

Written by on February 19, 2014 in Our Team - 1 Comment

I enjoy watching almost any sport, but there is something special about the Olympics. While it’s always exciting to watch young athletes’ dreams come true, one of the biggest draws for me is the team nature of the competition.

Many Olympic athletes compete in sports that normally have competitions for individuals, such as ice skating, ski jumping and snowboarding. But for this one event, these athletes compete as a team. They bring their individual skills and combine them to work towards the same goal: to bring pride to their country. It’s so amazing to see these talented individuals come together to bring home the gold for not just themselves, but their nations, too.

Working at ShareFile is like the Olympics in that respect. While my coworkers bring their own strengths and experiences to their positions at ShareFile, we all have the same goal—to raise the bar for service in the technology sector. Simply put: no matter what our individual job responsibilities are, we’re always thinking of you, our customers.

As a member of the ShareFile global customer support team, I’m used to seeing the people around me go the extra mile for a customer. But it isn’t just my coworkers in customer support that are going above and beyond; this same mentality can be found in our facilities, marketing, finance and other teams, from top to bottom.

So as you cheer on your national teams as they compete in Sochi, know that the entire ShareFile team is cheering for you, seeking new ways to make your work easier.

About the Author

Ronnica Rothe is the trainer for the ShareFile global customer support team. In addition to introducing new support representatives to the world of ShareFile, she writes and curates the ShareFile Knowledge Base. She is passionate about improving the ShareFile experience for customers.

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