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Sync Getting Started Guide

1.   Once you have installed ShareFile Sync on your computer, you will be prompted for your account login information:

Login to ShareFile Sync

2.   Available Options:

  • Start up ShareFile Sync when I login to my computer.
  • Automatically Log me in when sync starts.
  • Keep sync running in the system tray when I close the window.

3.   Once you have selected your options you can setup your Sync by going to the ‘Folders’ tab:

Sync Folders Tab

4.   You will start by clicking the ‘Add’ button. You will then be asked where the folder is located that you want to Sync (your ShareFile account or your local computer):

Where are your files located?

What if you have files in both locations?
ShareFile Sync can synchronize a folder in both directions, but when setting up a new job, a single location must be chosen as the source. After creating the partnership, you can move additional items into the folder and sync them as well.

5.   For this example, let’s assume that you have a folder on your computer so you will choose that option by clicking the green button. You will then be able to select the folder from your computer:

Choose a folder on your computer

6.   Once you have selected the folder on your computer you will need to choose an EMPTY folder in ShareFile. If you do not already have an empty folder you can use the ‘Add Folder’ icon to the right to create a new folder:

Create a new folder

7.   Once you have selected your folder in ShareFile, you will click the green button for ‘Add Sync Job’:

Confirm new sync job

8.   Your ‘Folders’ tab will show all jobs that you currently have setup. There is a button that allows you to turn the job on or off. If the job is turned on, every five (5) minutes, ShareFile Sync will verify the status and, if needed, synchronize the folders.

Toggle jobs on or off

9.   The ‘Status’ tab allows you to sync your files and see which folders are up to date and the last time that the folders were synced.

Your files are up to date